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Online spelling tests

Online spelling tests

Quiz: test your spelling

English Spelling Tests
From Vivian Cook's Writing Systems website.
- Test 1: The Most Difficult Words
- Test 2: The Most Common Mistakes
- Test 3: What's Wrong with Your Spelling?
- Test 4: E-deletion
- Test 5: American versus British Styles of Spelling

Interlink ESL Resource Center (US)
- For online spelling test, choose "Quizzes with no sound".



Commonly Misspelled Words
From Miriam-Webster
A quiz of 10 questions requiring the user to listen to a recording of each word and then type it.

Miss Spell's Class
Indicate whether presented words are correct or incorrect.

Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge 2.0 (UK)
Listen to the recorded version of a word, then type it.

Frequently Misspelled Words quizzes
26 online quizzes from


50 Commonly Misspelled Words (US)
An online self-check prepared with teachers in mind.


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